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Hi, I’m Ellie better known as Bikini Angler and I have a passion for fishing, 4x4ing and everything outdoor adventure! I do not like to sit still and definitely don’t like being indoors. I spend every spare second either on the water or off the beaten track exploring our beautiful country.

I grew up on the Sunshine Coast and have spent most of my life in the ocean as family holidays always consisted of camping on the beach or at the dam. I am a girl who absolutely loves to explore, try new things and I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty.


Nothing excites me more than a day on the boat with a line in the water.  I enjoy all types of fishing from beach to river, shallow reef to deep water, top water and a new found love of game fishing. Jigging for reef species is my biggest passion as you never know what's on the end of your line until it hits the surface. The power and strength that some fish display is just next level insanely cool and intrigues me so much.  

Facetune_29-10-2022-21-49-50 2.JPG

"I'm just an Aussie girl that loves to FISH and 4WD"

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